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Spring Break is almost here! We hope everyone has a safe and fun time together. Remember, we work up to the last minute here so please have your child in school tomorrow if at all possible! We will be taking Spring pictures and Group Pictures!!

Our state report card has been released. The report card is broken into three sections:

Academic Achievement-we made an A

Academic Growth-we made an A

Chronic Absenteeism-we made a B

Please take time to congratulate your child, their teachers, and yourself if your child was on level or showed growth and did not miss more than 17 days. Edmond Doyle has received an A on the state report card every year so far since it was started. This achievement has resulted in us being a 2014 National Blue Ribbon School. We believe that hard work is its own reward and everyone here knows that without hard work nothing can be achieved. We are very proud of our teachers, students, and staff. We are thankful for supportive parents that are a huge factor in our student's success!

At the bottom of this letter you can see a Chronic Absenteeism graph. You can see that right now we have 136 students that have missed less than 8 days, 40 that have missed 9-17 days, and 5 that have missed 18 or more days. Students that have been in the hospital or have life threatening health issues can be exempted. Students that 0-17 absences for the year give our school 1 point. Students that have 18 or more absences for the year gain us 0 points.

Last year out of 183 students 17 students missed 18 or more days. This gave us a score of 90.71 which allowed us 6.07 points out of 10. In the past, we got 10 points for having 94% attendance.

Right now we have 40 students that are getting close to missing 18 days. If someone has the flu, fever, or real illness, being absent cannot be helped. However, unless your child has fever, diarrhea, or is throwing up, please make every effort to have them here. Research has proven that students with Chronic Absenteeism do not perform as well as students that make it to school daily and on time. We want our children to be successful in every way!! Thank you for helping.

We also want to make sure that no parent here gets a ticket for their child being absent for 10 days in this semester. None of us have $200-$300 to waste on tickets! However, our main goal is for your child to be at school to learn and to have fun!


March 15th--Spring/Group Pictures

March 18th-22nd--Spring Break

April 1st-26th--State Testing

April 25th-Elementary Track Meet

May 2nd-Music Makers-6:30-S. Arch Auditorium

May 2nd--Art Night-will be rescheduled

May 9th-2nd Grade Outdoor Classroom

May 14th-Talent Show--9:00

May 15th-Award's Assembly--tba

May 16th-Super Kid's Day--Last Day of School

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