American System

by Gabby Lazare

Why was The American System necessary?

The American System's purpose was to protect American industries & generate revenue for the federal government by supporting a higher tariff. It's ultimate goal was to strengthen and unify the nation.

Nationalism v. Sectionalism

What's the difference?

nationalism is the love for one's country; devotion and loyalty to one's country.

Sectionalism is putting the section of the country above your nation; loyalty to interest of one's own country or region.This is what the southern states did with the tariffs issued in 1828.

Key Components

3 mutually reinforcing parts:

* a tariff to protect and promote American industry

*a national bank to stabilize currency

* federal subsidies for roads, canals, and other "internal improvements" to develop profitable markets for agriculture.

~These ensured America would be economically self- sufficient~

Developer: Henry Clay {1777-1852}

  • "The Great Composer"
  • leader of Whig Party
  • Secretary of State - under John Quincy Adams-
  • was a War Hawk
  • Senator of Kentucky
  • nationalist