Rucci european servcie video

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Rucci european servcie video

lots of celebrities like his stuff. But the “buzz,” as they used to call it — now it’s probably more a frenzied tippety-tap — hasn’t reached urgent levels, and convening hundreds of spectators in this municipal location seemed like a grim attempt by his handlers to amplify it. (Also, I forgot those forms I was supposed to send via Priority Mail last week.)

rucci european servcie video

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A black racer-front cocktail frock, trimmed with organza and ostrich, was delightful, and the gowns that closed the show certainly were sellable. But the rest was, if not exactly frightful, confusing. Black leather, slashed on the diagonal, marked off awkward swaths of models’ flesh. Close-fitting, pieced-together pants purportedly inspired by, if not intended for, some kind of Himalayan trek were paired with mesh sweaters whose components had been jumbled, Mr. Potato Head-style.