From the Facilitator's Desk

Important Information and Updates

What Will You Do With Your MAP Data?

What will you do with your MAP data? How much will you use it to help drive instruction?

How will it impact your guided reading groups and RTI groups? How will it impact your instruction? Don't forget: MAP is an adaptive test. It does not take into account what you have taught or the curriculum maps or scope and sequence set forth by the district. It is important to use the Learning Continuum as well as the curriculum maps to determine what students need to know. We have to find a happy median to make sure that we show growth in MAP as well as on other assessments. Let's hold crucial conversations and get down and dirty with how we will instruct our students based on data.


Reading 3-D and 4-5 Benchmark Assessment System (BAS) Testing

These tests will begin Jan. 4th- Jan. 27th. Determine your testing plan and make sure to use the rubric and what you have been taught during training's to grade with fidelity. Do not hesitate to ask your colleagues or me if you are not sure of a score.

Close Reading

You will be given a close reading survey next week during planning. Please complete it as honestly and accurately as possible so that we can individualize close reading PD for you. PD will take place during a small portion of your planning session each week.
How to do a Close Reading - TeachLikeThis

Please go to the blog and respond to the following questions:

What was 1 take away that you got from the ghost walk?

Do you think it was helpful?

What is one thing you need to focus more on in your classroom environment?

Math Curriculum Night

A Math Curriculum Night has been set for January 12th. The purpose is to educate parents on math standards, common core expectations and available technology. We will talk more about a plan during planning next week we if haven't discussed it with your grade level already.

If you are unable to attend, please let S. Wilson know.