You`re Not The Only One


What years were you in middle school (7th-8th)?

My uncle was in middle school 1999

What kinds of music, movies, and fashions were popular at the time?

the music is galinha pintadinha, the movie is mr.bean.

What were your favorite activities in middle school? What were your hobbies and interests?

My favourite activities is play soccer in school.

what was the best part about being in middle school?

the best part is aboutmusic

what was the worst part?

part to healt

how would you describe your middle school self?example: shy, funny.

i would describe my middle school self as friendly and outgoing

what advice about growing up would you would you would like to ask the person?

my age 15

create two additional questions which you would like to ask the person?

what is your name?, what old are you ?