Summer Fun

Have you ever wanted to travel ? Read on to find out more!!!

By: Rayan Jabr

Its summer break and we all know we don’t want to stay home all day. First go buy a ticket, then pack your things. You shouldn't over weigh your bags . After that, watch the time we all know you want that trip to Egypt. Then your there and thats why i think you should go to Egypt.

Why Egypt ?

Well Egypt is a fun place to go to. You can swim entil the pools close. Go have fun were ever you want to go. Insted of heavy jakets and the cold weather "its hot there day and night". Thats why I think you should go to Egypt. "The population is 67 million".

What to Take

You would need to take lots of things like clothes. Or different kinds of foods for the trip. Oh I know one you need to take extra money for other things to buy like food for when you are there. Or a first aid kit just if you get hurt. Take sunscreen for sun burns it would hurt if you dont put it on your skin! And thats a couple things i think you should take to Egypt!!!

Tourist Sights

One tourist site is the pyramids it is a big triangle made out of sand. Another tourist sight is a city called Soho Square. That city is just like Zona Rosa. Another tourist sight is a show at Soha Square every other night. I liked it because this one guy would keep on stacking chairs and clime onto the chairs I think it was interesting. And thats some things that you would see in Egypt.


I like Egypt because its fun to go there and swim so I hope you will go there to someday!!!!!!!!

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