A Recently Discovered Atom

The Discovery

Copernicium is a new element recently added to the periodic table on February 9, 1996. It was discovered by two German scientists, Peter Armbruster and Sigurd Hofmann, at the Gelleschaft fur Schwerionenfoschung lab in Darmstadt, Germany. This element was named after Nicolaus Copernicius, a famed mathmetician and scientist.


Physical- Many of the current properties are unknown, due to the fact that copernicium only has a half life of thirty seconds. The melting point and the boiling point are unknown, but the density is predicted to be 23.7.

Chemical- The chemical properties are also unknown, but copernicum has 112 electrons and protons. The number of neutrons is 165.

Additional Information

Family Name- Transition Metal

Classification- Metal

Bonding Partners- Unknown

Reactivity- Unknown

Phase of Matter- Solid at twenty degrees celcius

Period- 7

Uses- Only used for scientific research

Fun Facts

-Highly radioactive

-Half life of thirty seconds

-Produced artificially

-Few produced

-Not available outside of nuclear lab productions