November #3 Notice

If one thing I want to shout!

The time is getting closer to the end of its journey. A lot of memories come into my mind.

The moment I filled in the application.
The moment I envisioned how AIESEC in UTM to be.
The moment I met you, talked to you, spent most of the time with you.

Now, it becomes the moment
I read LCP term 1516 candidate's application
I felt the dream and vision she envisions
And the time for EB1415 is getting shorter.

But, I am not going to just keep thinking about all these things. I know there are more I need to do. I know there are more you want for your leadership journey. And I need to focus on all these now.

One thing I want to shout is, "I want AIESEC in UTM and its people to be safe in my hands".

Eli Lieb - Safe In My Hands

Kita Family Conversation (KFC)

The steps are simple:
  1. Click on the link here.
  2. Share your KFC with us.
  3. Reflect on your achievement and non-achievement based on last week priorities.
  4. Plan your weekly priorities with at least 3 AIESEC weekly priorities that can bring you forward. Personal priority is up to your decision.
  5. And as usual, the deadline is Sunday noon, 12pm.

Have to make it a habit for us to read people's KFC, achievement & non-achievement and weekly priorities, maybe by Wednesday.

Our Update

Connect and Make EXPA Stable for Future!

As this is new system launched this term, let's make it stable by starting the first step together. So far, we had been discussed about

  1. Creation of AIESEC Email by TM - "New Email Creation by Mei Jin"
  2. New operation processes for RA MA RE by iGCDP - "Winter Matching Alarm by Yu Xiang"

Re-define and Make oGCP Bigger!

oGCP team stand - Unstoppable 700!

Achievement till now: 171 Realisation | 25% of 700 goal

For more information click here .

Fruit for Grow Mindset
No doubt, delivering one quality life-changing experience in Winter Break Realisation is challenging! But what make us strive for excellence? What define our legacy and satisfaction at the end of the term?

It is not just a number. It is the leadership through exchange you created!

Re-package and Make iGTP Diverse for Malaysia Market!

  1. New Pricing had been introduced by MC here
  2. No result filled by AIESEC in UTM for Street Fighter Campaign

Executive Board Meeting (EBM)

Monday, Nov. 17th, 5:30-7:30pm




~Follow up on last week progress and issues
~Discuss and finalise the next week focus
~Discuss about Leaders 1415 Meet Topic


The Flow


~TM, FL, oGCP Update - 15min each

~Core Department Discussion (NCR, PM, iGTP, oGTP, E) - 40min
  • 5min per department for non-achievement & next action, achievement & celebration, next week focuses
  • 15min to finalise or summaries the next week actions

~Leaders 1415 Meet Topic Discussion + PIC Allocation - 15min

~Sharing - 20min
  • Please be prepared with your latest Belbin role (Top two)
MyLDS Senior Track Registration Link

Please make sure you register by 25th November.

Take Note!

Remember to practice Email Writing Culture, CC & BCC Culture. It is needed to ensure clear communication within the LC.