Justin Bieber Purpose Tour

New Album, New Tour

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Opening Act and Day

Post Malone

March 6

Locations of the Tour

Fresno, CA

Las Vegas, NV

Los Angeles, CA

Oakland, CA

San Jose, CA

Sacramento, CA

Portland, OR

Vancouver, BC

Seattle, WA

New York, NY

Atlantic City, NJ

Hartford, CT

Newark, NJ

Baltimore, MD

Philadelphia, PA

Brooklyn, NY

Washington, DC

Justin Bieber. Purpose World Tour. Seattle. 'Intro'

Justin Bieber's Intro

After years of not being on tour. Justin Bieber opens up his show in a huge way. There is a huge video displayed on a big screen with a lot of special effects and Justin falling through the sky. In the background, Justin is talking about what life means to him. The end of the video shows him trapped in a box. All of the sudden, a piece of the ground opens up and Justin enters in that same clear box, singing. The song continues on with Justin writing on the walls of the box. Soon, the song ends, and the box is lowered back into the ground with Justin in it. After a matter of seconds, Justin pops back up from the ground ready to sing.