Tuesday Tech Tips

September 23, 2014

In this issue: Google Forms, Geometry Nets, Remind, Technology/Google Apps PD Survey, Free Ed Tech Journals and Webinars, Grants, and HISD's Instructional Technology Webpage.

Google Forms - Create Surveys, Assessments, Quizzes, and more.

Google Forms changed my teaching career three years ago. I had been using bubble sheets and scantrons for my end-of-marking period assessments, which always turned out to be a nightmare. Either the students skipped a bubble, the scanner wasn't working, or the bubble sheets wouldn't scan; there was always a problem. These issues were hindering my ability to reteach and set up intervention groups in a timely manner.

In one of my masters classes I came across Google Forms. Ever since then, I have been hooked and have used them for just about anything. A Form not only lets you create an online survey/assessment, but it compiles all of the data in a spreadsheet. With a few more clicks of the mouse you can also have the Form graded within a matter of seconds. Results, trends, and low-scoring students/questions are immediately available and highlighted for you. Reteaching and making data-driven decisions can be done on that same day.

Here is an example of an assessment.

Here are the results of that assessment.

Here are the results after they have been graded - Student scores and question scores.

To grade your results, you need to install the add-on called Flubaroo. This is very easy to download and you do not need authorization from your IT department because it is within Google. Here is a Flubaroo overview for you to follow or contact me for further support.

Geometry Nets Creator

If you are in need of a geometry nets project at any level, Foldify is an amazing app to let your students customize their own. There is also a Foldify Zoo app which could be used as a great hands-on activity as well. The downside of this is that Foldify costs $3.99 and the Zoo app cost $2.99, but it is well worth it after you have your students engaged making their own nets.

Here is an example net that I created.

Here is an example of the net put together.

Remind Communication Tool

Remind, previously know as Remind 101, is changing the way teachers, coaches, or any type of group is communicating. This app allows teachers to text parents and students in a safe way. These texts NEVER give out your personal number and do not allow anyone to respond to you. Remind also has many other features that are very helpful.

1) The first feature allows you to attach a file to your message. This could be a study guide, spelling words, a permission slip, etc.

2) The second feature allows you to schedule your Remind messages for a specific time, and they will be sent automatically at that time.

3) When using the Remind App off on your phone, you may add 15 second voice clips for parents or students to hear.

4) Parents and students are able to give instand feedback using Stamps. When a message is sent out, recipients have the ability to choose from four stamps: a star, a checkmark, a "X", and a question mark. This could be useful to see who or who is not attending the field trip, who is confused about a topic, or who read an article. Feedback is only visible to the teacher, so students or parents can feel comfortable providing accurate stamps.

Click here for the Remind app.

Click here for the Remind site.

Here are some ideas on what to text your students about:

- Deadline reminders

- Links to YouTube videos, articles, or pictures

- Add a 15 second voice clip (used within the phone app only)

- Kudos to a few students or the entire class

- Files such as permission slips, study guides, homework, or spelling lists

- A "this day in history," or "by the numbers" fact

- Use Stamps to poll your class. Use the ckeckmark for "yes" and the "x" for "no"

- Poll questions using Google Forms or Poll Everywhere

- School news

- Quotes

- Extra Credit

- See more ways here.

Get Connected with Me Using Remind

Here is a way to get better connected with technology as I pass out frequent tips using Remind. I have set up seven groups which are: 6th-12th Grade Math, 6th-12th Grade Science, 6th-12th Grade Social Studies, 6th-12th Grade ELA, Art/Music, Grades K-2, and Grades 3-5. You may sign up for one of the groups or all of them if you would like. All you have to do is click on the subject area (below) you are interested in and follow the directions. When I come across neat websites, apps, or tech tips, I will pass them on through Remind. You may have messages sent to your phone, email, or both. This is optional and you can cancel the messages whenever you wish. Also, I will not be sending a lot of them, so do not worry about these flooding your inbox.

Remind Groups-Click on the group you wish to follow to get set-up directions:

6th -12th Grade Math

6th -12th Grade Science

6th -12th Grade Social Studies

6th -12th Grade ELA

Art and Music

Grades K-2

Grades 3-5

Remind Facts

*Always free

*It takes an average of 15 seconds to sign up

*One out of five teachers in America use Remind

*Over 60 million messages are sent through Remind each month

Technology/Google Apps PD Survey - Please take a minute to fill out.

Please help the HISD better serve your technology needs by taking this short survey.

Take the survey here.

Visit My Page on the HISD's Website!

To get more tech tips, apps, and websites, visit my page here. This site will be a work in progress as I will always be adding and changing content to it.

Free Ed Tech Journals

Here are two free journals that have a monthly issue. Read them on your computer or download their apps to get them on your device.

T.H.E. Journal Website or App

TeachHub Website or App

50 Grants for Educators

T.H.E Journal has complied 50 grants for your classrooms, school, or district.

Search grants here.

"Get Your Tech On" Webinars

PBS is offering four Free webinars this fall. These webinars include:

- Hot Tech Tools for Today’s Classrooms

- Tips for Building Successful 1:1 Classrooms

- How to Integrate Game-Based Learning in Your Classroom

- Transform Your Classroom: Digital Resources You Can Use Tomorrow

Visit the site to sign up and learn more.

School Visits

Remember that I will be in your building on a regular basis. Your administrators or myself will remind you of the dates that I will be in your district. Please email me anytime at tylerl@huronisd.org with your ideas, questions, or needs and I will support you in those areas or if you see me in the hallway, feel free to pick my brain then.

Sometimes it is hard to think of tech needs on the spot, so if you have a running list of questions you would like answers to I can answer them on my school visit.