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Sawnee Tech News Vol. 4

Holly Jolly Lesson Ideas

What can I say...teachers and students alike love cutesy holiday themes! Have students participate in holiday activities while still tying in the core curriculum. Check out a few of these ideas!

ReadWriteThink has a shape poem generator. Visit the site and have students select the Celebrations folder. Then they can select the gift shape and write an original poem. ABCya! has a Christmas math facts game that can be tailored to a student's level. Here's a Zaption created for K-1st to practice reading comprehension skills for the book Snowmen at Christmas. Use the ABCya! Gingerbread house creator to have students create a gingerbread house. Then have students write a story about who lives there or create and adjective web describing the house. Don't forget about Discovery Education resources! Search for Christmas, Hannukah, or Kwanzaa resources. Use this Chart Tool to graph and chart favorite Christmas traditions, holiday sweets, and more. ReadWriteThink also has a postcard creator - have students write postcards from Santa to Mrs. Claus or from the elves to Santa.


This is a free, webquest creator. You can also browse webquests already created. Send students on an authentic project based learning experience and try Zunal today. Zunal is available for devices when you visit Apps are on the way!

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are receiving more focus in education. Continue to foster children's natural curiousity and problem-solving skills with STEM. has a collection of STEM activities from various organizations. Activities are organized by topic and tied to Common Core standards. You can search the catalog without creating an account, but when you do create an account you are able to make lists of resources and add notes to the lessons.
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