Witch and Wizard

James Patterson

Witch and Wizard

Whit and his younger sister, Wisty are being taken to prison by the government. They aren't sure why or whats is happening. The government says they are going to prison because they are witches or wizards. They are scared and they don't have any idea about whats going. Do you think they will make it through prison alive?

Man vs. Society

The whole town is accusing innocent children of being witches and wizards and the town is putting them in prison.


"The way you treat people says a lot about who you are. Be careful. Your actions are screaming over your words." - Thema Davis
Adele - Set Fire to the Rain Lyrics


"Sleep now, little ones, rest your heads and sleep. The night will hold you in it's arms, and safely you will sleep."

Magic Wand

A magic wand is the symbol for my book because this book is mostly about fantasy and magic. Whit and Wisty also find out they are witches and wizards.