The Holocaust

By Veronica McAllister

What was the Holocaust? It was destruction, murder, religion differences, and many more. The Holocaust was started by a man named Adolf Hitler. He had tons of power. He only started doing this because he was losing in World War 1. He started his own army. They were called the Nazis. The Nazis were just like small Hitlers, strong, brave, and powerful.

They mainly attacked the countries of France, Poland, and Yugoslavia. They were the main countries that contained the Jewish population. Hitler didn't like the Jews because of their political and religious choices.

The Jews were taken to concentration camps. Where they were either worked to death, starved to death, shot, or sent into an acid shower and killed that way. The Jews populated most of Europe so Hitler knew he had to get rid of them somehow and someplace. In the concentration camp they worked men, women, and children. They worked hours on end even in the sweltering sun.

Some of the Jews lived, most of them didn't. 11 million people in total were killed during this. 6 million of them were Jews. Hitler was killed by committing suicide. He killed himself because he started losing the war once again.


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