Global Warming Awareness

By Hannah Frady

The Background of Global warming and were it comes from

Global warming is a term used when the Earth is slowly heating up more than usual. One of the biggest causes for global warming is greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse gasses are gasses that makes a greenhouse effect on a global scale, either making light from the Sun bounce off into space without it hitting Earth, or letting light from the Sun into the Atmosphere. Instead of letting what bounces off the Earth back into space, it reflects the light back to Earth heating it up more. The main cause of greenhouse gasses are factories, power plants, road transportation, deforestation, and livestock.

Risk Factors and the Future

There are quite a few things that can happen when the Earth is heated. The biggest thing people think of is the ice caps melting in the North and South poles, causing many animals to go extinct and making the sea level rise. Droughts are also the caused making it hard to grow crops. If this happens, it will cause a shortage of food and fresh water.

What can we do at home?

Instead of riding cars to places, we could ride bikes. It reduces the amount of Greenhouse gasses and helps you stay fit. Another way to reduce greenhouse gasses is to recycle, it cuts down the amount of deforestation and just makes you feel good. If you choose to eat more plants you can cut down on the needed amount of livestock.