Make Monday Matter

September 15, 2014


"My child, you worry too much, I've got this, remember?"



PLCs for kindergarten and 1st gr. teachers will begin Wednesday, Sept. 17 in V. Shipp's room.

Faculty Meeting

There will NOT be a faculty meeting this week.

There WILL be a faculty meeting (all faculty) next week. Kasey Rodgers will be here to give a mental health training.


Please remember to get your attendance in between 9:15 & 9:30 each morning. The bell has been set for 9:15 to remind you. I know you're busy teaching and taking attendance slips your mind, but it's a necessity!! Some teachers have specific alarms in their classrooms and some are having a student remind them. Do whatever works for you, but please get that information in.

Assemblies this week

Tuesday we will have an assembly to kick off our fundraiser.

Thursday we will have an assembly to launch our recycling program.

Refer to KPS Scoop (Rosemary's newsletter) last week for specific times.


Fire drill, reverse evacuation and lock down drill went well. The fire department, police department and administrators were complementary. Thanks for taking this seriously and continue to remind your students of safety precautions.


Just to remind you:

  • Rosemary is still collecting sub. folders
  • Rosemary is still collecting courtesy funds
  • PDAS self report 1 is due!!