Room 3 Newsletter

News for the week of November 12th

Please be sure to sign up for our International Feast!

On Wednesday, November 14th we are having a feast in our classroom. We encourage all parents to join us for lunch. Please sign up on the class wiki (sign in as your child and use thier password) to bring a dish from your country of origin or your family's favorite dish. We will meet in Room 3 at noon and share some poems and good food!

Only 7 families from Room 3 have signed up! Please try and join us!

What we will be learning this week:

Language Arts Unit 2- Week 4: We live in different kinds of homes with our families.

Vocabulary: company, collapse, construct, material, entire

Words to Know (read, spell and write): again, could, make, one, then, three

Spelling Words: run, fun, nut, cut, bug, rug, lunch, skunk, grass, spin.

Grammar: Proper Nouns

Skill: plot- beginning, middle, end

Math: Chapter 8: relate Addition and Subtraction Strategies

Writing: stories with correct punctuation and capitalization

Social Studies: Maps

Odds and Ends

A big Thank You to PTO who purchased 5 ipads for each grade level at kinder, first and second. We are excited about the possiblities of using the technology in our classrooms.

The bookfair is up and running.

I hope you are enjoying the three day weekend and the joys of living in America. A thank to the men and women who serve this great country!

Hope to see you Wednesday at noon.