Middle Colonies Receive Award

By: Emma Wrampe, Hour 6

Wait.. what?

Here's some questions you may be asking right now:

  • Wait.. the colonies received an award? How's that possible?
  • Should I move to the Middle colonies?
  • Are there any reasons to not move there?
  • Were they randomly selected for an award?

You may be asking these questions, and they're actually going to be answered right now.


There are many reasons to move here to the Middle Colonies, as I've said already, like twice before. Look below and see for yourself!

A Little Bit About Us...

Hi! We're called the "Breadbasket Colonies", because we grow plenty of grain. Our colonies are New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. We also have popular cities! They're seaports. They are: New York City and Philadelphia. We're also right in between the regions New England and the South, so if you decide you don't like it here (for who knows what reason), then you can just go, without having to travel the seas. We'll explain each category completely, don't you worry. :)

We've Got the Food!

The soil here is great, good-for-farming soil. It's not as good as the South soil, but it's better than New England, so that's a plus! We've got grains, cattle, and we grow food for ourselves. We also trade the food with the other regions, so that we always have a way of profit.

It's Perfect Weather, Not To Mention Our Land, Which is Also Great!

Sorry about the long title. But anyway, the soil here is fertile, which means it's great for growing crops. Our lands are flat, with wide valleys and plenty of rivers. The temperature/climate is a modest, easygoing thing, too. It's not too hot, not too cold, it's just right. Well, what are you waiting for? Read on! :)


The only reason the title is like that is because the religion part of this article is difficult to put in longer words. But basically, our religions are Quakers, Protestants, Catholics and Jews. Some came from England, like Protestants and Catholics. Others may have been from England, like Quakers and Jews, or they may not have.


Is your child needing to learn respect? Astrology? Mathematics? Reading? If so, then the education here in the Middle Colonies is perfect for you! It's basic, but not so basic that there is absolutely no challenge. It's not too strict, which is great for your child's stress level. The schools here were started by religious groups, so that's a plus too! It also is provided for every child; African American, poor children, rich children, pretty much anyone, but there aren't many schools. So hurry, before they're all filled up!

Let's Talk About Women's Jobs Here

The women here are on pretty much the same terms as England.. but some of them work in manufacturing, too. That's all right, isn't it? Right? Isn't it?


Good. We're almost done. Then you can go about your day.

How African Americans Live Here In the MC

There are fewer slaves here than in the Southern Colonies, that's for sure. There are more here in the Middle Colonies than in New England, though. But hey, look over all of the negatives and see only the positives, then the slaves may not be so bad. Also, Quakers (one of our religious groups) has already started a movement to get rid of slavery, so don't worry about it for too long, okay?

Before you go...

Well, that's pretty much it. If you want to move here, do it quick! If not, talk to your buddies living in the New England and Southern Colonies and see how their days go currently. Still don't believe it? Well, it's your loss, so, you can deal with it in England. But seriously. If you want to move here, get your background check and don't forget to tip your servants!

BYE! :)