ND IT Crowd Update

The end is in sight!

Tech Tips to Prep for Finals

Brown Bag lunches the next two weeks will focus on tips and trips to get you ready for review time and finals. Come learn about GradeCam, the best way I have found to quickly, efficiently, easily grade quizzes and exams. Check out Socrative and Kahoot for fun ways to review with your classes. Don't forget...Tuesdays and Wednesdays in room 263!

Don't forget - check for office hours or set up 1:1 time and have questions answered :-)

Good effort to all those involved with AP Exams!

It's been a marathon, but the finish line is finally approaching. Thank you to everyone who has helped prepare our students for the exams. Whether you teach an AP class or not, you have set the bar high in all classes so that our students feel capable and prepared.
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Professional Development with EdTech Teacher

EdTech Teacher is a group that provides outstanding professional development. Check out the many resources and trainings available. Be sure to share if you take advantage of an opportunity!

Support, Encouragement, Ideas Available

Be sure to find me if there is anything I can do to provide you with support or encouragement. Brown Bag lunches, Office Hours, through email, by appointment :-)