Sacred Pregnancy Classes

Classes happening now in Calgary!!

Welcome to the journey...

· Sacred Space

· Connection and Expectations

· Meditation

· Relationships and Romance

· Journaling

· Body Image and Food

· Motherblessings

· Pregnancy and Birth Art

· Sisterhood Support

· LOVE labor method

· Honoring the Pregnancy Journey

· Birth Journey information and techniques

· Rebozo

· Journaling

· Rite of Passage

· Postpartum “Mother Roasting” Information

Creating a wave....

We are hearing that 96-97% of Women who go through Sacred Pregnancy Classes are birthing the way that they choose and, are LOVING their pregnancy and birthing experiences.

Why does this matter?

Happier Mommas! Women who have a positive birthing experience, and who feel supported and heard in their choices, bond better with their babies. They experience significantly less postpartum depression and anxiety. They gain confidence that they carry forward into motherhood. Also, Babies born in a gentle loving way are Happier babies!! They respond better, have an easier time feeding, and build stronger bonds. 9

Every Woman deserves a Sacred Pregnancy and Birth!!

Your Instructors


Jennifae 403-863-6172

Sian 587-899-1999