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Volume 2 1st Edition

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Welcome back

We have passed the mid point of February and that can mean only one thing, it's time for the January newsletter. We are nothing if not punctual here at the Gilbert Gazette. We have something special this month at the Gazette so hopefully it is worth the wait. We have a couple of new segments and the usual quality entertainment afforded us through Eckert's Lunch Review and Hypothetical Question. The focal point of this month's newsletter will be a tribute to Nancy Peterson. Nancy taught here for close to 30 years. Unfortunately, she lost her battle with cancer and passed away a little over a year ago. I hope you enjoy the video we have here and I hope you take the time to watch it. A shortened version of the newsletter will be out at the end of the month in order to update everyone on winter sports, speech and other activities that have been going on.
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Nancy Peterson

Every once in awhile in life, you are lucky enough to cross paths with a person who is truly great at what they do. They possess the desire, intelligence, dedication and passion necessary to do their job and they pass that on to the people around them . They attack each day with zest and march through their day like they were born to do whatever it is they are doing. Nancy Peterson was one of those people. Although, she would be the first to tell you that it didn't always come easy to her, she never backed down from the challenge of self improvement, the kind of self improvement that can only come from self awareness. By the time I meant Nancy, she was at the top of her game and her profession. People who get to the top sometimes take a break and rest for a few minutes. Not Nancy, she never stopped in her quest to make herself a better teacher and she certainly never stopped in her quest to inform and educate young people in her social studies classes. Barb Pederson was kind enough to help organize a group of educators who knew Nancy well. This group amounts to a special forces version of teachers and administrators. They sat down around the table and reminisced about the person and teacher that Nancy was. There are actually two videos, someone better trained in technology should have been in charge of the video. Regardless, you will want to watch both of them. Those of you who knew Nancy will want to watch to listen to the stories and rekindle your own memories of Nancy. Those of you who didn't know Nancy will want to watch to learn about her and her impact on young people. Everyone should also watch for the following reason. Nancy passed away and is gone from this world. On her tombstone, and all tombstones the world over are two dates, a beginning and an end. Between those two dates is usually a dash and that dash tells the world everything it needs to know about you. That dash is the sum total of your existence, the time between your beginning and end, what you did with your life, how you treated others and how you will be remembered. Nancy P.'s dash was full; full of life, full of memories and ultimately full of the impact she had on others. Imagine if you will, a group of your peers gathered around the table, reminiscing about the time you spent here, what you accomplished with that time and how you treated others. This is your legacy, what will it be. Nancy left us with no doubt about her legacy.

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Nancy P.'s video Part II

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In The Kitchen

Here we have a new segment that is near and dear to my heart. It is called In the Kitchen, a place where many scrumptious and delicious creations and have been crafted over the years. I have always been around the kitchen, mainly so I could be one of the first to get in on the goodies. Here we have Kelsie Engelken showing us how to whip up an omelette in one of her classes.
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The Healthy Angle

And here we have another healthy angle. Wellness Newsletter editor in chief Krissy Leinen has offered up her recipe for her Guava Go Juice. It actually has no guava or go juice, it may have some kiwi or kelp and other stuff that won't clog your arteries. Enjoy.
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Eckert's Lunch Review and Hypothetical Question--Auderer's version

We here at the Gazette are constantly striving to become better. In light of that attitude, we have to acknowledge that we have received some constructive criticism from a staff member. We won't mention any names but his initials are Scott Auderer. He lamented that our last version of Eckert's world was a little lengthy and we went off on too many tangents. Let's face it, I used the word tangent correctly there, Auderer said something close to that but in PE teacher vernacular. Anyway, we took this advice to heart and our lunch review and hypothetical question section reflects that.
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Eckert's Lunch Review and Hypothetical Question for Normal People

Ahh, here we are back in the world of normal attention spans.
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Answers to the Hypothetical Question of the Month

Please submit your answers to this month's great hypothetical question to the link below.