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5th and 6th grade Newsletter November/ December


Grade Five:

For the next two months, the fifth grade will be working on : Figurative language such as idioms, adages, proverbs and alliteration. We will also focus on summarizing text by identifying two or more main ideas. Visual and multimedia elements can contribute to a text. The kids will be working on texts that are accompanied by those multimedia elements.

Grade Six:

The sixth grade will be reading texts and determine the author's purpose or point of view. Determining the central idea and summarization of that text will also be a skill we practice in the next two months. The students will also be given memoirs or biographies and learn how to compare and contrast the author's presentation styles of the information.

Mrs. Tisdale's Language Arts

In the next two months, the students will be writing to inform. We have some neat ideas planned to make this type of writing exciting. We hope to take a trip to downtown Millersport and interview some of the local businesses. With that information, the students will write an informative piece (working collaboratively) showcasing the benefits of shopping locally and the importance of local businesses in our town. We will continue to include technology with our formal and informal writing.

The grammar portion of Language Arts class time will include learning about prepositions and reducing and expanding sentences. We will continue to work on spelling, grammar and proper punctuation.

5th Grade Science with Ms. Brown

Our next unit is taking us into the great unknown - Space! We will begin the unit by examining the theories made by a variety of astronomers, from Pythagoras in 560 B.C., all the way up to present day. We will then take a closer look at our solar system and all of the objects within it. We will also explore what makes Earth the only place humans call home sweet home. Day and night and the reason for the seasons will be just a couple of the major concepts we will take a look at this quarter.

6th Grade Science with Ms. Brown

This quarter is all about rocks and minerals! We start out the quarter by talking about mineral properties and how these properties can be used to identify minerals. We will then move into the three types of rocks and how they can change from type to type via the rock cycle. This quarter will have many new concepts and terms - review notes nightly for success!

Language Arts with Ms. Brown

Expository writing is what it is all about this quarter - writing to inform. Students will participate in fun and exciting writing projects this unit including a compare and contrast writing piece where they will be comparing themselves to a celebrity look-alike! We will also be exploring local businesses in Millersport, along with the benefits of shopping locally.

Trick or Treat

Halloween parties are so much fun. There is no doubt that the kids at Millersport Elementary know how to have fun. Check out the great Halloween pictures below.

5th/6th Math - Mrs. Winders

5th Grade Math

We will be wrapping up our study of expressions and patterns very soon. These 5th graders have worked very hard for their math detective badges. To finish up November we will be working on multiplying and dividing with decimals. The students will have some new songs to help us to remember all the steps. As we move into December we will be diving into some geometry skills focusing on the properties and classification of each. The final piece will be with measurement with much of our focus on Volume. Keep studying your math facts, the mid-year goal is to be on or past test number 8.

6th Grade Math

We will be starting our study of Geometry with a focus on triangles and rectangles. Using the formulas for area and volume from last year as well as learning to draw polygons on a coordinate plane. After this we will be spending the rest of the month working on Ratios and Proportions. Keep studying your math facts, the mid-year goal is to be on or past test number 8.

6th Grade Language Arts - Winders

The students in my room will be spending time this quarter writing to inform. We will be learning how to write thesis statements as well as quality conclusions. We will be doing our shopping locally activity again this year, more information to follow. As for our grammar we will be continuing our study of types of sentences and how to write write complex and compound sentences.

6th Grade Field Trip to Alley Park

Need Help Studying for Tests?

One of the most needed skills for any student, is a way to study for tests. We have found that many our students do not study . There is a website called Quizlet that can help with that. It is a free app. Not only can our students make their own flashcards and definitions, the information that they input ,can become games for them to play. Sometimes, by just inserting a topic, kids can bring up Quizlet information already made by other people. What a neat way to study independently. Take a look with the link provided below.

Have fun studying!!!!!