Kari will be out of the office July 8-15 2016


Hey TEAM, I will be "working" out of the office this Friday (aka on a fishing trip with customers). Then I leave there to go straight to the beach for a week of vacation. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call me tomorrow to wrap up any loose ends. I'd love to make sure any orders or questions you have are taken care of before I go. We will have limited staff here Friday so don't get caught waiting. If you have a question that you think I can answer don't hesitate to call my cell - 540-718-6626. If I don't answer don't worry- I didn't fall overboard (hopefully). Just leave a message- I'm probably just busy beating my customers for the 3rd year in a row at catching the biggest fish. NO BIG DEAL! (I can't wait until they read this).

I look forward to speaking to you tomorrow. Let me know if you want to plan a trip with your team. I'd love to come beat you at fishing too! (Just kidding....I'm pretty terrible at fishing. But I'd love to come out and do something else!)

Thanks again for the opportunity to serve the WORLD's Best Customers.
-Kari Gaviria