Panthera pardus


  • A leopard has long tail
  • long retractable claws
  • yellow eyes with very round pupils
  • many spots all around its body.
  • Male leopards are 30% bigger than females.
  • Females weigh up to 51 to 130 lb.
  • Males weigh up to 66 to 220 lb.
  • They are about 28in at the shoulder.
  • Their life span goes up to 21 years in captivity.

Background information

  • A leopards are carnivorous.
  • Its has many different behaviors when a leopard stalks pray it goes on a low profile and slicks through the grass.
  • When not hunting it can move through herds of antelopes without unduly disturbing.
  • Most leopards live in Africa they like to be in riverine forest and dense bush. Leopards are near threatened

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Helping out

To help out you can donate money to any association that is helping save leopards one place where you can donate money is to the African Wildlife Foundation. Also we can help by trying to stop people from hunting leopards. Laws for the leopards is just not hunting them but still not many hunters pay attention to the law.