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Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning may only occur if you’re blood was greatly poisoned or contaminated by alcohol. Too much of alcohol drinks is greatly fatal and hazardous not only in our health but in all aspects of our life. This will bring you excessive stress that might be difficult to handle and control. Maybe most of you would think that it is very funny to see your friend keep on vomiting and pass out, but do you think it is still funny if your friend needs to be hospitalizing immediately because of possible asphyxia. This is some of the symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

Symptoms Of Alcohol Poisoning- The Facts

Moderate alcohol drinking is up to 2 glasses per day, but if the drinking habit takes its toll and from 1-2 glasses per day will increase up to 5-6 glasses per day, it will definitely impose lots of health risk. Alcohol poisoning is commonly caused by binge drinking; even those who are social drinker only can also be poisoned with alcohol. Our body can only process certain amount of alcohol at a time, if that amount of alcohol intake exceeds its limit to the point that the body system can no longer metabolize all those alcohol taken, certain amount will remain in the blood and that alcohol in the blood is the reason why symptoms of alcohol poisoning exist. In some cases, symptoms of alcohol poisoning can eventually causes your body to stop working, can stop your breathing and beating and can even choke you with your own vomitus. Symptoms of alcohol poisoning; vomiting, seizure, Shallow breathing, and irregular heartbeat, hypothermia, unconsciousness, and paleness. You don’t need to wait for all the symptoms of alcohol poisoning to be present before seeking medical attention.

Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning And Some Advises

If you are in a party or any disco bar and you found someone who is drunk to death and became unconscious check immediately its breathing if it is less than 8 breaths per minute and that person keeps on vomiting call immediately for emergency help and should suspect alcohol poisoning because this will eventually lead the person to death. Beliefs in relieving symptoms of alcohol abuse poisoning such as giving them hot coffee or chocolate, giving them cold bath, walking and sleeping it off will eventually do not eradicate all those symptoms from alcohol they are only myths and they will not work.