Vietnam war

Simple background info to inform you about the Vietnam war

1955 – 1975


Some of the leaders of the Vietnam war were US Presidents like Harry s Truman, Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Eisenhower.Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh. Some other leaders who were involved were Nguyễn Văn Thiệu and William Westmoreland. Both military leaders in the Vietnam war.

Precursor events that lead to the war

Vietnam was originally a part of the french empire. The French gave up the North part of Vietnam but kept the south. The North fell into the hands of non-communist China. China backed out in 1946 and a man named Ho Chi Minh took over. In October of the same year the French wanted to take North Vietnam back. A war started in 1946 between the French and North Vietnam aka the Viet Minh. As a result of the war China Russia and Eastern Europe backed the Viet Minh which were all communist. (Vietnam war is gonna be started because of the reoccurring event non communist and communist ) The american involvement started when President Harry s Truman stared to send military advisers and money over to Vietnam to help train south Vietnamese soldiers to fight back against north Vietnamese soldiers.


America had some issues with sending american soldiers/advisers over to South Vietnam. To help teach some Vietnamese to fight back against the north falling into the communists (china) hands after the french gave up part of Vietnam. Americans fighting along the south side them being non communist.


  • Transported troops
  • More than 7000 used in the war
  • Average ground infinitary unit soldier in Vietnam saw about 240 days of combat i 1 year because of this chopper.
  • Also transported injured troops
  • It could carry up to 12 fully equipped troops
  • Gunships were equipped with M134 Gatling mini guns, XM 158 rocket launchers, M60 7.62 MM machine guns.
  • The Vietnam war was fought in many different ways. The US troops had the firepower to take out the enemy, but their main challenge was the terrain they were fighting on. The Viet-Cong used crossbows while the us used B-52 bombers.
  • The Viet-cong had the home field advantage though making the fight much harder for the American troops. Even though the enemy troops had these primitive types of weapons, the American troops had a hard time fighting them. Even with their advanced technology.


Big image
This map shows the advanced underground tunnels the North Vietnam side used in order to be undetected and kill many of our US soldiers.


Agent orange was a toxic chemical that could affect the people. Agent orange was a chemical released in Vietnam because the US wanted to use it to take out valuable tree life that North Vietnam troops used for cover. But it also created horrible birth defects on new born children. This chemical also affected returning American veterans.



South Vietnam- US, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and Canada

North Vietnam- the Veit-Cong, China, Russia, Cuba and North Korea
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This map shows where many of the attacks in the Vietnam war took place.


People/ Civilians walked the streets with signs saying end the war let our soldiers come home.


I think this shows how people were upset and eager to end this war it shows how they didn't want it to continue. Some probably wanted their family to come home and didn't want them in the bloody bad war. These people were marching for America to stay out of this war.