Give your photos a voice with Chatterpix!

What is Chatterpix?

Chatterpix is a FREE app available in the app store that can make anything talk--pets, friends, doodles, and more! Take any photo, draw a line to make a mouth, and record your voice....that's it!! Share with friends and family as a silly greeting, playful message, or creative card.

Cool things about Chatterpix

  1. Easy to use: choose a photo, draw a line for the mouth and record the message. Done!
  2. You don’t need to create an account to use it.
  3. It’s free.
  4. You’re limited to 30 seconds of audio, thus focusing students on the essential elements of storytelling.

How teachers can use it

  • Take a picture of an object an add adjectives to describe it.
  • Take a picture of geometric shape and have the shape give its attributes.
  • Have students animate a favorite photo of themselves with messages for a virtual exhibition — great for students with social anxiety issues around presenting.
  • Take a picture of a character in a book and have them introduce him/herself.
  • Get a picture of the author of book and have the author share the author's message.
  • Take a picture of a book and share the genre of the book and why.
  • Make figurative language come to life. Use a picture to share personification/idioms/similies/metaphors as if they were taking literally.
  • Record the morning school announcements.
  • Take a picture of book and give a recommendation.
  • Create a map of a country and give each state it’s own voice.
  • Students can share a poem, tell or retell a story, tell a story from a different point of view, or even solve a math problem.
  • Have students record bios of famous historical figures.
  • As an educator, you could also record yourself giving instructions for a lesson; modeling that bio of a famous historical figure; create a map of a significant place in a book your class is reading
  • Just for fun!
Tapir-ChatterPix Example

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Download and Open the App
  2. Take a picture
  3. Draw a line for the mouth on the object
  4. Record your voice for up to 30 seconds
  5. Add stickers if necessary/desired
  6. Save to the camera roll