Animal Farm

Pablo Paz


Boxer was a strong horse with strength swimming through his muscles . He was mostly made of brawns not brains. He only knew how to say A,B,C,and D. He would usually wake up early just to do work. He is a worthy loyal horse. he always wanted to be helpful and accomplish stuff the right way. One of his main quotes were "I will worker harder" and " Napolean is always right".

Napolean Takes Over

Napolean had always wanted power from the beginning.Except the only way to get that is to get rid of Snowball. In the beginning he had taken the dogs from their mothers. He took the dogs and the animals never saw the dogs again. He had taken them away to train them. At the conference he only said something and while snowball took the spot to speak of his opinion Napolean made the dogs attack snowball. Snowball ran and was never seen again. After that Napolean took his spot as leader.

Construction of the Windmill

Snowball had the idea of the windmill. He later on was ran off by Napolean's dogs and was never seen again. Napolean took over the idea and made the animals go to work. The animals worked hard but Boxer worked harder. They were near finishing when over night it was destoyed. They all assumed it was Snowball who had knocked it over. They rebuilt it but again it was destroyed. It was destroyed by the farmers who had blown the windmill to dust. although they accomplished blowing up the windmill they failed to take over the farm. Boxer worked harder moving the rocks for a new windmill. in the process he demolished his lungs. after his death animal farm still went on with the plan constructing many more windmills then before.

Beasts of England

Beasts of England exited long before the animals more in old Majors young years. It was a song to feed the fire of the animals Revolution. They would sing it at meetings. After an animals death. Or the day of their battles. After Napolean took power the song Beasts of England was not permitted to be sang again. Napolean's reason was because the song was for their rebellion. The rebellion was now the past. so he went and put out another song for them to sing a song about him.