Spanish Colonies


Treatment of Natives and Slaves:

We love the Natives. We worked together and connected in many ways. We repopulated with the Native women and Spanish Men.


Our economy flourished greatly. Native and Slaves manufactured objects for trade, so we made many items to sell and trade. Had many resources to mine and use to trade with other super countries.

Social structure & Social Mobility:

Spaniards held the power between everyone, as they led all other people. Some would be able to become supervisors and watch the skilled laborers.

Culture & Cultural Adaptation:

Culture of Spaniards was still strong and much spread into the Native Americans.

Many Native Americans converted to christianity and began to value many aspects of being civilized.


Supervisors had certain workers and had systems of the societies. These colonies were very wealthy, as this empire as a whole ran much of the trade within the Atlantic Ocean.

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