The Journey Begins

Your Character Takes Their First Steps



  • Begin to construct an original storyline around my character that follows the steps of The Hero's Journey.
  • Answer Questions that help me plan the next steps
  • Develop a simple 3 panel sequential art storyboard that gives me some information about the character's world.

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Taking Steps

Look at the chart this week's planning and development of your hero's journey your character is at STEP 1. They are in their ordinary world, they don't even really know there is a grand adventure about to take place.

In this part of a storyline you are giving the reader/viewer a backstory or just some information about the day to day life of the character you have created....knowing that this day to day life is about to get a lot more exciting.

Sequential Artists (aka comic book artist, illustrators, story boarders) create images that go with the outline of a story. They give images to ideas in the order they happen.

Ordinary World - The First Part of The Hero's Journey

This video explains the important part of The Hero's Journey. It comes from an ELA teacher but it will help you understand. I don't expect you to take notes, unless you want to.

Rango is a great example of The Hero's Journey.

Hero and Ordinary World
How to write and draw comics! Episode 1 of 10

Some Ideas

Watch the above video to hear advice from a comic book writer. As we get started we don't want to go to quickly and burn out. We are just planning and developing right now.

Questions to Answer

Questions to answer as we prepare our character for the journey:

1. How does the character receive “the call to adventure”?

2. Does the character accept the adventure right away or do they refuse the call? How would they refuse it?

3. What motivates the character to accept “the call”?

4. Is there a character that helps yours? Like a sidekick? Think about how Donkey helps Shrek or Han Solo helps Luke. This is like the friend that is along for the ride. It could be an object not a person too…like a magic charm. It could be an animal friend.

5. Who helps mentor or train the character? Why? (Think about how Alfred helps Batman or how Haymitch helps Katness, or Yoda helps Luke).

6. At what point does the character leave the ordinary world for the unfamiliar world the journey happens in? How does this take place? (Think Katniss on the train to the Capital, Harry on the train to Hogwarts, Luke on the Millennium Falcon)


Right now we are in the planning and development phase. The questions I ask and the questions asked in the video above might help you really begin to see your character's ordinary world in a better way. This is the foundation of the story, where it will all begin.

Now...draw that ordinary world. Give me at least 3 panels about that world.

The link below goes to Pixton, an online comic creator. You need an email address to use this platform but it could be a fun tool if you would like to play around with it.