Importance of investing and saving

By: Alyssa Mudd


The importance of investing cannot be overstated. Money is an important thing. Something that is worth one dollar one day could cost significantly more the next day. It's a really good idea to save money and have money stashed away because you will never know what the future bring, what emergencies will come your way.

Tips of saving

  • Make a list when you go shopping
  • hide your credit card
  • switch to a bank that respects you

tips of investing

  • define your goals
  • realize the risks
  • how quickly can you get your money back

saving options

  • bank savings account
  • put your money in a safe place

Investing options

  • Corporate bonds
  • stocks
  • mutual funds

Risks to investing

their are 3 types of risks to investing:

  1. valuation risk
  2. force of sale risk
  3. business risk