Bartolomeu Dias

By Johnnie Nemecek


Algarve, Portugal

Route taken by the 2nd Portuguese India armada headed by Cabral from Portugal to India in 1500 (in red), and the return route (in blue), connecting the Americas, Africa and Asia for the first time. The route taken by Diogo Dias, Bartolomeu Dias's brother, after becoming separated from the fleet in the storm near the Cape, circumnavigating Madagascar and doubling the Horn of Africa (Somalia), is not shown. On the outward journey, several sailors perished in the same huge storm near the Cape, including Bartolomeu Dias, in the region of his first great discovery

Discovered the Cape of Good Hope and the Ocean Gyre

Sailed around the tip of Africa... Twice. First European to have reached Indian ocean.

He was a butthole

The purpose of his travels was to find new trade routes to Asia