Mrs. Bond's Bulletin

Week of December 9th-13th


Schofield's mission: Developing and empowering lifelong learners and leaders all day, every day!

District's mission: Preparing each child for a successful future.

Class Mission: We will come to school and be respectful and responsible learners and leaders. We will work together to help each other be ready for 3rd grade!!

Personal missions statements coming soon!


  • Important Information and Dates for Schofield Families

    • Christmas Break - December 23rd - January 3rd
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The Cheers for Peers student leadership team would love to share your child's celebrations, outside of the classroom, with our Schofield family. Please send a picture of the celebration with a description of the accomplishment to and we will post it on our Schofield Spotlight Celebration board.

Ideas of celebrations could include:

Winning a tournament

Participating in a play

Gymnastics medal

Learning to play a new instrument

Learning to tie shoes

Girl Scout/Boy Scout accomplishment

An awesome hunting/fishing experience

Riding a bike w/o training wheels

The options are endless!

WHAT WE'RE LEARNING- School Improvement Plan

Our goal at Schofield Elementary is to make sure that 80% or more of our students are proficient with Missouri Learning Standards for math and literacy. Here is what we will be learning this week to work toward this goal.


  • 2.R.1.C.a Text to text (text ideas including similarities and differences in information and relationships in fiction and nonfiction)
  • 2.R.3.C.d Identify the author's purpose


  • 2.W.2.A.a Introduce a topic or text being studied using complete sentences
  • 2.W.2.A.b State an opinion about the topic or text and provide reasons for the opinion
  • 2.GM.D.12 Find the value of combinations of dollar bills, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, using $ and ₡ appropriately.
  • 2.GM.D.13 Find combinations of coins that equal a given amount.
  • 2.EG.5.A.a Read and construct maps with title and key.
  • 2.EG.5.A.b Identify the properties and use of different types of maps for a variety of purposes.
  • 2.EG.5.B.b Name and locate regions of the world.


I wanted to share some photos from our field trip. The kids had a fabulous time!
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It is Schofield Elementary's goal to have a proportional attendance rate of more than 95%.

Each day that we have 100% attendance in our classroom we will place one letter of the word ATTENDANCE on the board. When we complete the word we will celebrate as a class! Our year to date proportional attendance is 95.93%

Currently we have the letters:



During our next visit from Ms. Pietruszynski, students will begin exploring the world of work. Students are never too young to start thinking about future careers and we are excited for our Schofield students to begin thinking about their future. As always, feel free to contact Ms. Pietruszynski with any questions/concerns you might have regarding your student. or 732-3610.


Schofield has many opportunities for families to volunteer and be involved during the school day. If you are interested in the below parent involvement opportunities, please contact Ms. Markie Bravestone, Schofield’s Assistant Principal, at

  • Watch D.O.G.S. Dads

    • Dads spend the day mentoring students and helping around the school.

  • Super M.O.M.S.

    • Greet students at the beginning of the day

    • Help with breakfast of lunch

    • Help in the art room or library

    • Read to your lifelong learner’s class

In addition to the above opportunities during the school day, parents can attend PTO Meetings, assemblies, special building events and serve on the Parent Lighthouse Team. Communication about these events are on Schofield’s Facebook page and in monthly building newsletters.


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