Egg-Citing News!

Local Egg Delivery

Are you interested in fresh Free-Range Eggs delivered to your door weekly?

My family now own Cotswold Eggs Limited and I am starting an egg delivery in Clifford Chambers to earn some money as well as understand how a business works.

I will be selling Large Eggs at £2.60 per dozen or £1.30 per half a dozen and/or Medium eggs at £2.40 per dozen.

The delivery will start on Friday November 2nd and I will be delivering them to your door.

Contact Details

If you are interested in having eggs delivered I will either knock your door on Fri 2nd Nov or you can contact me as detailed below:

Mobile number-07926045536

Address-Rowany, Campden Road, Clifford Chambers, CV378JA

Amelia Coulson aged 15.