Themba's Smart Goals

Parent Teacher Conferences

Maths Goals

Previous goal: At the end of the year, be at stage 8 for add/sub and mult/div strategies test.

Did I achieve the goal? I haven't had the strategies test but I think that I'm close to achieving it because I was at stage 7 for the latest strategies test.

Goal Now: To master the add/sub and mult/div test as I feel that I am close to mastering it. By going on mathletics Monday-Thursday all weeks and doing the tasks related to strategies.

Literacy Goals

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Previous Goal: To get a stanine 8 in my Reading comprehension PAT.

I feel that I'm on track for this goal because in my probe (above) I got 80% of the questions right.

Goal Now:

To vary sentence starters when writing. I'm going to achieve this by practicing taking boring sentence starters and making them interesting and good to read. Also after writing a piece I will go back and check that my sentence starters aren't all the same and boring.

A2A Goals

Previous Goal: Always be prepared to be reflective and to ask myself what I can do to make this better and is this really my best work. I feel I have achieved this goal because my school and home work is up to a higher standard.

Goal Now:To challenge myself at school and at home.

I don't know how I'm going to achieve this goal.

Fitness Goals

Previous goal: to get a 10.5 in the beep test in term 4. I think I will achieve 10.5 in the beep test in term 3 because I feel that it will be an easy step up from the score I got in term 2 (10.3).

Goal Now: To get 11.5 in the beep test in term 4. I am going to achieve this by going to circuit training and running club every day it's on. And at home run on my mums tredmill when I have time.