Equations and Inequalities

By Ryan B.

Chocolate cake theme

One step Equations

Equation word problem 1

Edward wants to make a chocolate cake.He needs to get 40 ounces of icing.He already got 2 ounces of it.How many more does he need?

1) First subtract 40 to 2, the answer should be 38.

Equation word problem 2

Edward has to put 21 cups of sugar in his chocolate cake.He already put in 5 cups of sugar in.How many does he need left?

1)First subtract 21 from 5, it equals to 16.

He need 16 more cups, and this is a subtraction problem.

One step Inequality

Inequalities word problem 1

Edward needs more than 4 pounds of chocolate.He already bought 1 pound.How many does he need more?

1)First shade a # line to the right, then you got your answer.

This is addition and the answer is:4>x

Inequalities word problem 2

Edward found 5 candy bars with a price less than or equal than $3.45.He needed the candy bars for the cake's decoration.What is the price range for each candy bar?

1)First you shade the circle and shade to the left, and there's your answer.

This is division and the answer is:------------------------------------->