News from 4th Grade

3rd week of 4th grade completed successfully!

News at a glance:

Thank you for another exciting week! See below for a quick "snapshot" of news/events!

  • Thank you to all the parents who attended back to school night!
  • Our Donors Choose project to have Science Magazines during reading instruction was successfully funded!! Whoo-ho!!! Thank you SO much to everyone who donated or spread the word.
  • We are finding that music/noise playing during independent computer time is very distracting. Please send a pair of headphones from home (can even be purchased at the dollar store) for your student to keep in their pencil box if you're able to
  • Math Place Value Test will be on Tuesday and multiplication facts quiz will be on Wednesday.
  • Journey's quizzes on spelling, comprehension, grammar and vocab will be this week on Tuesday
  • P.E. is on Wednesday

What We're Learning This Week....

Journeys through Wednesday 9/21

This week through Wednesday, we are reading My Brother Martin and Langston Hughes: A Poet and a Dreamer for our Journey's lesson. These lessons focus on Author's Purpose, explaining historical events and idioms.

Vocab: injustic, numerous, segregation, injustice, nourishing, captured, dream, encounters, preferred, recalled, example

Spelling word (focus on long e vs. short e sound): west, steep, member, gleam, fresh, freedom, speed, beast, believe, speck, kept, cheap, pretend, greed shelf, least, eager, reason

Grammar: 4 types of sentences: interrogative, exclamatory, declarative, imperative

Writing: Narrative Writing

Journey's Next Cycle (Starting Thursday 9/22)

Starting Thursday, our next will include reading My Librarian is a Camel and Langston From Idea to Book for our Journey's lesson. These lessons focus on Cause and Effect and domain specific vocabulary.

Vocab: isolated, virtual, devour, remote, impassable, access, remote, preserve, extreme, avid

Spelling word (focus on long i vs. short i sound): skill, crime, grind, tonight, brick, flight, live, chill, delight, build, ditch, decide, witness, wind, district, inch, sigh, fright, remind, sprint

Grammar: Quotations

Writing: Narrative Writing: Dialogue


Current Unit: Place Value

We've been working on Place Value to the hundred millions place in math. This included identifying and showing the standard, expanded and word form of a number to the hundred millions place and the value of each digit in those numbers. We will have our test on this unit on Tuesday.

Example Questions:

  • What is the value of the digit 5 in 432,653,209?
  • Write the number 103,420,984 in standard form, expanded form and written form.
  • In the number 770 the digit 7 in the hundreds place is _____ times the value of the 7 in the tens place.
  • What is the difference between 3,450 and 3,950 (without subtracting and analyzing the place value alone).

Next Unit: Rounding

We will learn and practice rounding number to the 1,000,000 place value. Student began learning rounding in 3rd grade so we will be building on this skill. This is a very short unit.

Example Questions:

  • Round the number 4,568,700 to the nearest one millions place.
  • Which number is 4,560 if correctly rounded to the nearest tens place: 4,554 4,561 5,641 4,565?

Fluency Quizzes:

This week a letter went home in the students' take home folders explaining how their math minute grades are calculated. Facts will go home on Day 1 in the take home folder, they are printed in flash card format so they can be studied at home! Quizzes will be taken on Day 5. We will do a practice quiz on Monday so they can see how it works. This week, the 0, 1, and 2 facts will be on the quiz. Each week is cumulative so be sure to review facts if need be!


Continuing our Rocks and Minerals unit!

Other News!

Donors Choose

Our project to have Super Science Magazines was successfully funded!!! Whoo-ho!!!!! Thank you SO much to everyone who donated and/or shared the link!

View the details of the project here:


We've discovered the many of the programs and apps that we use in the classroom make music/noise that can be distracting. If you can, please send a small pair of headphones to school with your children. You can even buy them at the dollar store!