Big Log Slicers Jr. Incorporated

By: Cornelious W. Harris-Tomas-William-Cappuchinoburg lll

How Loggers Use the Amazon

The loggers claim that they need to harvest trees in the Amazon because the wood they get there is nice and good for making furniture. Loggers came to and started harvesting trees in the 1960´s. The thing is that loggers only need mahogany and rosewood trees but instead of just cutting those trees they clear giant patches of forest. However the loggers say that this is the easiest way to get the trees that they need. That is how loggers use the Amazon rainforest.

Why Loggers Need to Cut these Trees

Loggers say that they need to cut down these trees to improve Brazil´s economy. They have a point to they helped Brazil export 5 billion dollars in lumber in 2005. Loggers also say that this improves the economy in another way by creating more jobs. However these jobs come at a cost because it means more trees are being cut down in the Amazon. I think the loggers have a point but they need to find a more improved way to help the rainforest regrow it´s trees.