Calm Kids Make Peaceful Parents

Yoga Now Hosts Kids Yoga Every Friday From 1:30-3pm

Increase Confidence, Coordination & Even Your Test Scores!

Yoga has been proven to support children's development by improving their ability to focus, helping develop positive coping mechanisms, strengthening their body and opening their heart. Our kids yoga class is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of children ages 4 - 12 years old by a certified kids yoga teacher.

Studies prove that yoga helps reduce bullying. Now isn't that at the top of our Back-to-School Wish Lists? The reality is that kids find their voice, and the ability to use it. Parents can run errands or enjoy some quiet time after they drop off the kids for class.

Brought to You by Jen Robertson at Chicago Kids Yoga

Call Yoga Now at 312-280-9642 or click here to visit the Yoga Now website to reserve your spot in class. We look forward to practicing with you!