Game Designer

The person that brings joy to everbody

Video Games

Have you played video games? Have you ever heard of call of duty,Gta, or Mortal kombat? Video game designers create them. In this article, you will read all about video game designers.
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What is the man behind the game

Video game design refers to planning, designing, and creating video games. They create and develop video games.They make games by creating story lines and ideas.

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The duties of the man behind the game

A video game designer is responsible for devising missions, making challenging puzzles, and make interesting story-lines. Also they will be responsible to write coding for programs. Game designers also make notes about the game. They make notes every single time they make a part of the game. They write about what they did, feel,see, and experience while they play the game.

The hill to the job

* To become a game designer, you must have a high school diploma and sometimes a bachelor's degree.

* You must have a degree in video game design, and computer science.

* A good designer must be creative, able to tell a story and, able to work with a team. You also need to understand software programs and 3d modeling programs.

* you need to be in school for 2 or more years.

* Its recommended you have a course in art, drawing, creative writing, game design and development, computer science, and sculpture.

*You also need to learn 3d modeling programs and photo shop.

* The best way to get started in the gaming bisness is going into video game testing.

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The 4 things that make a good video game designer


* As a video game designer, you use collaboration when your thinking about other peoples ideas.

* Stuck on something or need help.

* when you are working on a team.

*Explain your vision to partners

*Understand others vision


* You use communication when you are talking with other workers

* talking with companies or consumers.

* and communicate with computers.

*Talk about what needs to be done about the game

Critical thinking

* Video game designers use critical thinking when they create their games

* make the players attached to the game by understanding and analyzing trends

* And make missions unique

*Think and create how the caracter acts and what they do

*Solve a problom with the game


* You use creativity when you make an original game and improve existing games

* when you draw characters and maps

* when you make a special storyline.

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