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In the peaceful western suburbs of Versailles, France, stands this beautiful, gable front two chimney house, waiting to be yours. This area is know for its calm environment and preserves many amazing architectural arts.
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The gable front house originated in 1825, getting its idea from the Greek Revival house style, and the height designed so you can see the beautiful view of the water from your window! The 2 chimneys are designed to keep you warm in the winter.

Dimensions, interior

-length: 30 meters

-width: 35 meters

-height: 70 meters

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(Scale: 1/ 300) Upstairs

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More info

This house surrounded by pop culture and is insipred by the folk cultural house of France. Including three floors facing the east so you can watch the sun rise over the river right in front of your house. It had a yard which is safely fenced for your kids and dogs! Placed in the center of a quite community.

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