By: Nate Heh


The thing that fills our galaxy...but the opposite. Antimatter is all around us just hard to find it. Now lets dive in to this perplexed substance.

What is it?

Antimatter stretches far across the galaxy, but is it? Antimatter is just like matter but with opposite charges. For example a positron and a anti-proton have opposite charges of a electron and a proton. Even your decaying skin emits anti-protons! This causes antimatter to become unstable. Just like matter antimatter can create different types of elements.


Ant-atoms are the same as atoms ,but, yet again they have opposite charges. there are many different anti-atoms such as.

. anti-carbon

. anti-hydrogen

There are even man made anti-atoms like anti potassium! there are several advanced machines that can store, disassemble, and create anti-atoms. but don`t think its easy 1 worg step and KABOOM! it explodes.

Can it be contained?

There is a special industry at Cern technology that contain anti-atoms!!! At Cern they work almost non-stop to discover new information every day about antimatter. They have to work with precision handling to make sure nothing goes wrong. thy have recently produced anti hydrogen. (Maybe some day we`ll have anti oxygen so we can make anti water?!?) But what happens if it touches you???

Is it dangerous?

Anti-matter is highly unstable! Do 2 negative charges antimatter is very very unstable. When touched antimatter annihilates both matter and anti-matter. This can cause anti-matter thunderstorms, which is several blasts of gamma radiation. Antimater is even used in nukes! Just cause ant-matter is dangerous doesn't mean it isn't helpful too.


Anti-matter has a lot of uses but here are the key ones. Antimatter can be used in war, medical, and travel. Anti-matter is used to trigger nukes and could potentially be used in sound wave guns. Scientists have been researching a cure for caner and now may have found the answer through ant-matter. If you've ever seen back to the future part II then you know about Mr. Fusion, but what you may not have known is that Mr. Fusion used antimatter to convert trash to fuel, stating that antimatter is the key to interstellar travel. That about sums it up.


Antimatter is hard to find but is found all around us. antimatter has many uses, but could also be dangerous. Antimatter is a perplexed subjected and there is even more to find out about it.


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