Forest Elementary

May Newsletter

Letter from the Principal

It is so hard to believe that it is the middle of May! But, for many of us that have been at home with children, we can believe it. It has been a long few months. Little did we know that when your children left on March 12th that we would not be seeing them again this school year.

I know that this is not easy for any of you. Becoming teacher to your child while also working yourself or caring for other children at the same time and being cooped up is a challenge. It is a job that many parents never thought they would have. But, I want to commend you. I know more is on your plate now than ever. And, for many, the worries are vast. Please know that you are doing a GREAT job juggling it all! Some days may be more stressful than others. And, on those days, please know that the staff understands if you do some mindfulness, sit and snuggle with your child while reading them a book. Whether it's in the lesson plan or not, no one was prepared (mentally) for these uncharted times. And, we do this one day at a time. The support a family can provide to their child right now is more important than anything else! Years from now, they won't recall how mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or the nanny taught them about the vowel teams. But, they will remember the care, understanding, and love that you had for them in a time when they felt so unsure. Right now, the best thing you can do is to hold your children more. Hug them. Tell them that things will not stay like this forever. Listen to how they are feeling. And just be there. I promise that they will NEVER forget that!

Picking Up Student Belongings

Monday, May 18:

8:00-8:25 Mrs. Skwiera ECP class

(Ms. Vollmerhausen has already delivered all belongings to her students.)

8:30-8:55 Ms. Schock K class

9:00-9:25 Mrs. Peterson K class

9:30-9:55 Mrs. Carter 1 grade class

10:00-10:25 Mrs. Coleman 1 grade class

10:30-10:55 Mrs. Uhse 1 grade class

11:00-11:25 Mrs. Hartley 2nd grade class

11:30-11:55 Mrs. Masters 2nd grade class

12:00-12:25 Mrs. Taft 2nd grade class

12:30-12:55 Mrs. Avery 3rd grade class

1:00-1:25 Mrs. Kissel 3rd grade class

1:30-1:55 Mrs. LaFehr 3rd grade class

Tuesday, May 19:

12:00-12:25 Mrs. Curry 4th grade class & Mr. (Ryan) Poniedzielski’s class (K and 1 grade)

12:30-12:55 Mrs. Grunwald 4th grade class

1:00-1:25 Mrs. Schwein 4th grade class

1:30-1:55 Ms. Hammonds 5th grade class

2:00-2:25 Mrs. Hunter 5th grade class

2:30-2:55 Mr. Newland 5th grade class

One person per family may come to get belongings.

Bring a backpack or garbage bag to hold their belongings.

You must wear a mask if you are picking up. Social distancing measures will be put into place as far as the number of parents allowed into building at one time. This may cause the line to move slower than expected. There will be markers to ensure social distancing while waiting in line.

Bring any library books that belong to Forest.

5th grade safeties please return their belts at that time too and to have them washed.

YOU CAN ONLY ATTEND AT THE TIME SLOTS GIVEN (ABOVE). You can send grandparents, friends, etc. to pick up. It does not have to be parent. This will help adhere to these time slots specifically and only (even if parent is at work, etc.)

If you miss your child’s class time slot for pick up, call the office Friday (May 22nd) between 9-2 to set up alternate pick up.