Basic consumer rights

By: Payton and Kaden

Rights to safety

It is aimed at the defense of its consumers against Injuries.

It shouldn't cause any harm to any of its users, if such use this executed as prescribed.

The consumer product safety commission has power over thousands of products and company's, and power that allows it to establish performance standard. It can power a full fledge recall at anytime.

Right to be informed

States with businesses that should always provide consumers with a lot of appropriate information to make intelligent and informed product chocies. Like if the brand of popcorn didn't tell you that it had ingredient that it said it had, the company could get in a lot trouble.

Right to choose

Product offerings states that consumers should have a big option provided by different companies from which to choose. If a store had chocolate chips and the price was to high, you have the right not to buy it.

Right to be heard

The ability of consumers to tell the company about a problem about the product in order to have the issue handled effectively and responsively. Like many company's have a website that has a comment page for people to tell the company what it thinks about the product.

Right to consumer education

To acquire knowledge and skills that will be needed to make informed confident chocies that are about goods and services. Everybody has the right to get free education in the USA.

Right to service

People have To have access to simple, needed goods and services: food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, public utilities, water and santation.

To live and work in a environment witch is non threatening to well being of present and future generations.