Do we need prom or not?

Made by: Leeza Burnham

About Prom:)

Prom is dance in the night time where one girl and one boy gets to be a Prom Queen and a Prom King. Also Prom is a dance where teenagers go as couple in a fancy outfit. For example a girl would wear a long or short Prom dress and high or low shoes. A boy would wear a black suit and a tie or a bow tie that matches the color of their date's dress.

Prom is not good:)

A lot of people think that Prom is good. But my personal opinion is that Prom is bad for teenagers. I think Prom is not good because, parents need to buy really expensive outfit for their kids and I do not think that there are a lot of families who can afford an expensive outfit for their kids. My second reason why Prom is bad is that a lot of kids do not get asked ans so after they feel that they are not good enough to be asked and they get really sad and feel lonely.

Why Prom Is Bad

Prom can be pretty dangerous when kids drive themselves to the prom because they can get into a car crash or when kids park they can hit something and damage the car. Also one pretty danger reason why kid should not go to the prom is because they can drink alcoholic drinks before or after the prom.

Prom is Expensive

It is very hard for kids to repeater for prom night. Students have to make sure they look good for the prom because you don't want to look like you just rolled out of bed. Sometimes their parents say that they can do their make up in a saloon but sometimes parents do not let kids to go to salon to do their nails, hair, or make up but is you are lucky you might get to do all of those things in salon.

More about Prom

There are a lot of good things about prom. For an example kids get to be prom queen and king, they get to dance with their date, and also they get to have a lot of fun. You know how is your prom will go or will your date come to the prom. To make your prom good just have fun, be yourself and don't do any dangerous things that can hurt you or get you in trouble. It is okay if you do not get to be a queen or king. You are still perfect in the way you are. You do not have to be popular to be perfect.


It is your choice if you want to go to prom or not. To make your prom good just have fun, be yourself, and don't' do any dangerous things that can hurt you or get you in trouble. If someone is making fun of your outfit just ignore that person because if they are making fun of what you are wearing they just jealous of you. Make a good choice.