The Effects of Too Much Homework

By: Logan Pearce, Christopher Wong, & Pablo Zamora Ortiz

Schools across the nation are handing out too much homework which is negatively impacting students' health.

Students Who Receive Too Much Homework Develop An Unhealthy Sleeping Schedule

Based on past research concerning the amount of homework given to students, it can be concluded that "... working at home in the evenings is the beginning of an unhealthy work-life balance and that there are academic drawbacks in studying instead of sleeping" (Boddison 2). This shows that homework causes students to become more sleep-deprived, which greatly influences their academic performance and health. Also, too much homework is the reason why students are forced to stay up late at night in order to accomplish their assignments instead of acquiring the necessary amount of sleep.
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An Excessive Amount of Homework Has Caused Students to Become More Antisocial Than Ever Before

Also, Stanford researchers have discovered that students have become antisocial and "... were more likely to drop activities, not see friends and family, and not pursue hobbies they enjoy" (Karnes 4). Based off the actions of the students, one can conclude that students were more focused on getting good grades on assignments than spending time with friends and family members. In addition, students choose to work on homework over pursuing what they love to do.

A Heavy Load of Homework is the Main Cause of Stress in Most Students

For example, a survey showed that students who received excessive amounts of homework have "... increased levels of stress at home" (Muto 5). Also, in a survey conducted by Stanford, fifty six percent (56%) of the students that participated said that they "... considered homework a primary source of stress" (Karnes 3). The pressure of turning in assignments before the deadline can cause students to go as far as relying on drugs to relieve stress.
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Compromising With Homework

In conclusion, schools, students, and parents need to learn how to work together in order to increase the effectiveness of homework. When homework is used efficiently, it will improve students' grades and maintain a healthy lifestyle.