Not Considering All the Factors

by Jade Jiles

There once were three blind mice that ran after a farmer’s wife because she set mice traps in her house resulting in one of them losing their tails. They decided to take her to court! The farmer was arrested as the Judge signed the arrest warrant. She was released until her court date on bail by paying a price. Due to the fact that the mice was injured badly she was charged with a felony which is a serious offense. The farmer’s wife and the mice case appeared before the grand jury, a group of people selected into court. The grand jury listened to the testimonies of the other two mice as the witnesses, which caused a stir due to the fact that they are blind. Nevertheless, the indictment of attempt of murder was charged to the farmer’s wife.

The court notified the farmer’s wife, the defendant, about the indictment, the time, and date of the Arraignment. There, she decided it was necessary for her to obtain a public defender to represent her during the case. The arraignment allowed the farmer’s wife to speak on the event that had occurred. She asked about a plea bargain during the pre-trial but it was not available to her.

The trial began finally as the prosecution presents the case. The petit jury was selected to view the case. The witnesses also had to come to court or they risk the chance of being subpoenaed by the court which is an order for them to come. The other two mice also have to swear not to commit perjury because lying in the court is a serious offense.

The jury came to a verdict that the farmer’s wife would not be charged because it was on her property that the mice were trespassing on, so she was acquitted. The mice were highly upset with the outcome so they requested an appeal to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court denied their request. The three blind mice still hope that the farmer’s wife will receive justice for her actions.

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