Cruise to the Best

Destinations of the World

Cruise to the Best Destinations of the World

A holiday on a cruise is like a dream. Sailing over the sea, having high tea with the setting sun, enjoying starlit dinner with the stars is a fantasy; a fantasy worth living. It is a unique way to travel. Each one of us wants to go and holiday over the tides and sea. It is fun and full of adventure. The best season to cruise is after January. It’s an ideal time to take soak up the sun.

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Best Destinations to Cruise :


Hawaii tops the list of honeymoon goers. It has beautiful views and exotic sceneries . Hawaiian Islands give travelers an opportunity to explore the beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, farmlands and the Hawaiian culture. The Hawaiian cruise is usually about 14 days; out of which 6-8 days spend on the sea.


If you wish to delight your eyes with the best of the views while traveling on the sea, then Alaska is the perfect place to travel by sea. The breathtaking views of beautiful tall trees, giant snowy white glaciers, and biggest whales leave you awe-struck. If you wish to travel in the summers, then Alaska totally suits to be your summer holiday destination.

Panama Canal

Cruising through the canal for 14 long days with stops at a couple of beautiful cities is what you will fetch if you are traveling to the Panama Canal. It gives you the longest experience on the ship. It is surely a delight to see how the canal links two oceans and separate continents.


If you are planning to travel this January or February, then the Caribbean is the best choice. It has a chain of islands which divide the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean which stretch for almost 2,000 miles. On exploring each island you will find that each is similar in its constituents but each is unique in its beauty. Each island has some distinct quality attached with it. Like Aruba is very popular among tourists for its casinos and Jamaica is famous for its adventures. There is something for all.

These are a few favorite destinations where you can have a cruise holiday. Agents at are there to make all the required arrangements for you in a customized way to let you have the best traveling experience.