Subang Roar - Dec Issue

Lions Club of Subang Jaya LCI 3900-41798

Celebrating 19th Twinning Anniversary

The 19th Anniversary Dinner to celebrate between Lions Club of Subang Jaya and Twinning sister club since year 1996 was held successfully with about 50 tables on 9th November 2015 at the Hua Lian Hotel, Taiwan. The event was organized by Lions club of Lung Tang and managed by their sister Lions Club of Hua Lian. The evening started with organizing chairperson ,Mr Yu Zheng Chung delivering his welcoming speech to welcome the guest and to pay tribute to DG SN Tai and GLT leader Dato PCC Patrick Chew and Dato Peppe Foo from Lions of Subang Jaya, District 308 B2.
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World Diebetes Day

The objective of this eventful day to create Diabetes Awareness to the public.

To create an impactful event clubs in the 5 Regions were encouraged to organise the event on the same day. Activities include an exercise then followed by an organised host of various health checks namely glucose test, blood pressure check, weight or body mass check and eyes check.

This event was organised by Zone 15 Chairperson Mejar Patrick Chong from Lions Club of Subang Jaya and co-organised by Zone 17 Chairperson Charles Woh from Lions Club of Puchong, supported by Zone 16 Chairperson Chwee Chee Onn and all the Lions Clubs within the respective Zones. On the Day of the event Lions Club of Petaling Jaya Metro participated, amongst the other Lions Clubs especially clubs from Zone 16 namely Petaling Jaya; Petaling Jaya Mutiara and Hulu Selangor. The Programme on that morning started with the Zumba Jazz exercise which was enjoyed by Lions, Leos, friends and residents in the surrounding housing estate.

Organising Chairperson Mejar Patrick Chong presented his opening remarks, followed by Guest of Honour Past District Governor Woon Fong Piew delivered his speech on behalf of District Governor. Then came the Launching of World Diabetes Day 2015 by releasing the “Strides” banner ties to a bunch of helium-filled balloons by PDG Woon and OC Mejar Patrick Chong and Deputy Charles Woh. As part of the programme, we have the Strides Walk along the inner road parallel to Persiaran Kewajipan with all the participating Lions and Leos members wore the attractive Blue Diabetes Awareness T-shirt to give a solidarity effect and visibility awareness to the public of the activity. Upon completion of the Strides Walk, all medical workstations were opened to the public for medical examination by 3 voluntary doctors and their medical teams for glucose test and blood pressure check and including eyes test by an ophthalmologist from the Lions Eye Clinic. We were fortunate to be visited by both the ADUN of Subang Jaya YB Hannah Yeoh and the local councillor Kent Chia, who are both our former Omega Leos. They have taken time off from their busy schedule to meet and greet the residents and participants. The successful event concluded at 11.45 am with 89 residents, Lions and Leos had their screening done

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Message from Editor Lion Joey Lau

This month I would like to share is " Passion " I believe a successful clubs are led by people who are passionate about the club's mission;who want to share it with others;who want to help them expand their knowledge and enjoyment. This passion shows through in everything in club does, from events to newsletter, from the website to education,from membership programs through attracting sponsors and advertises,and in every interaction with members and the community.

Editorial Board Ex official: President John chong

Editor: Lion Joey Lau

Committees: PP Lion Hor Chee Wah,Lion Vincent Wong,Lion Adrian Lim , Lion Dato SY Neo

Relieve Hunger

In month of September , we received a news from a previous Lion member about a family was suffering very bad condition for surviving. On 1st Oct, we paid a visit for Mr Balakrishnan family in Subang to interview the condition for the family.

Mr Balakrishnan currently just started a new job earning RM 1500 less than two weeks.

He has five children ( all boys), but 3 kids were in bad shape. Eldest children name Shathes 16 years old, left school after form 4 with physical condition. Hand non stop shaking was diagnosed as lack of nutrient, unable to secure a job. second son name Kamaleswaran 15 years old became disable at age 6 years old with knee pain. Third son name Damendra 13 years old also disable from age 6 years old without any symptoms. He can hear but can't see, speak and physical challenged. Fourth son name Kumaran-13 years old , very bright student and active in number of sport. Youngest son name Seeran ,11 years old, He normal and active in sport. Mr Bala's wife is a housewife and spent full time to take care of their 3 disable sons at home . Due to Mr Bala lost his job for two months, the family cant cover their daily expenses and medical bill for his 3 sons. So he went for get help from loan shark . Even he has a job at this period, but he cant effort to bare the high interest from loan shark, medical bill and daily expenses.

After discussion with BOD, we continue pay a second visit,we bought some rice and foods for them due to they have no money to buy food at all after paying the loan shark and some medication bill.

After long discussion with members , we finalize a solution, Lions club of Subang Jaya donated RM 1000 and Lions club of Banting RM 1000, and few members from Subang Jaya collected some fund by individually to help out this family as well .

On 12th Nov , we finally settle all the Mr Bala loan , and now he can carry on his life with family by his monthly incoming. Mr Bala did learnt a lesson from this incident and very appreciated our help for getting him out from the trouble.

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