by Jayden Carroll

Introduction to Earthquakes

Do you know what an earthquake is? Earthquakes are caused when tectonic plates smash together and release a force which makes an earthquake. A tectonic plate is the earth's crust which is what we live on. When the earth's crust comes together, it could leave a fault line. A fault line is a crack in the earth caused by earthquakes.

Pros and Cons

These are some pros and cons of living in an earthquake prone area. Some pros are that you can reduce the impact of earthquakes by making buildings stronger. One other pro is that most earthquakes only last for 40 or 50 seconds. Earth's tectonic plates only move as fast as your hair grows! Some cons of living in an earthquake prone area are if you are in the middle of an earthquake, there is about a 45% chance you could die or get injured. One other con is of course your house could get destroyed and you will have to spend a lot of money to get it rebuilt. For example, some building owners had to spend 500,000 dollars on making there buildings stronger and rebuilding their buildings if they have to.

Would you live in California?

Just because California has earthquakes, it doesn't mean that you can't live there! In fact, California doesn't have earthquakes immediately. Also for instance, earthquakes are just a shaking that sometimes you can't even feel!

Reducing the Impact of Earthquakes

If you think there is no way to be safe in an earthquake, then your wrong! You can reduce the impact of earthquakes by making buildings stronger. For example, scientists are designing buildings that are made to be earthquake resistant. The buildings are sure to have safety kits. The earthquake will still shake the building, but it won't bring it down!

Extra Facts

  • Most earthquakes in the U.S happen in Alaska and California
  • Japan is the most earthquake ready country in the world.
  • Scientists believe that in about 30 years, a huge earthquake is going to strike California.


In conclusion, I think that earthquakes won't be that devastating if we make a lot of strong buildings that can withstand the power of earthquakes. That way, it would be more safe if there is an earthquake happening. Here is some advice if your in the middle of an earthquake, get a safety kit, be prepared, and get ready to rumble!