Ms. Kilar's Class

Friday, May 1, 2015

M-Step Testing

We completed our first week of testing!! Phew! Your kiddos worked very hard and did a great job. We have three more days of testing next week and students will be taking math and science tests. Thanks to all the families who sent treats in for the students this past week. They really appreciated it!


Students worked on taking notes and writing the questions for their biography projects.

Night at the Museum

There is a manila folder, a blank sheet of paper and directions about the biography project in the homework folder. The completed "biography folder" is due back at school on Friday, May 8.


Students mostly focus on M-Step testing for reading this week. We did read from our Scholastic news on Friday morning and finished reading "The 12 Labors of Hercules."


This week in math students learned how to add and subtract fractions.

They also had the opportunity to do an M-Step sample math practice test to get comfortable with the testing format before next week's math testing sessions.

No math homework next week.


This week in science students worked in partners to read a chapter on how water, wind or living things change the Earth's surface. They noted the main ideas of their chapter and began planning a creative presentation in which they will teach the class the "big ideas" from their lesson. They are excited to step into the role of "the teacher" in order to show what they have learned.

Social Studies

This week in social studies we continued our study of the Southwest. We learned about the Hoover Dam and problems engineers faced in order to build the dam in the 1930s. We also learned about issues towns along the boarder with Mexico face.


I am sending Ipads and chargers home for the weekend so students can use Google Docs to type up their Night at the Museum project. PELAE RETURN IPADS AND CHARGERS TO SCHOOL ON MONDAY. We resume testing on Tuesday. I suggested to the students that they write their biography reports over the weekend and then print them at school on Monday and work on their picture and memorizing their part during the week. iPads will need to stay at school all week again.

Specials Schedule

  • Monday - Art
  • Tuesday - PE
  • Wednesday - Library/Music
  • Thursday - Art
  • Friday - PE


  • If you returned the form or emailed me about helping with bluebird houses on Friday, May 8 in the afternoon I am planning on it. Please arrive at Shay at 11:45 and report to the Tech Ed room. Mr. Joneson will go over directions and put you at a station.
  • The permission form and money for the field trips and birdhouses is due on Friday, May 8.
  • I need a few hammers and cordless drills for our birdhouse project. If you could drop them off or bring them on Friday it would be much appreciated.

Wish List

  • M-Step snacks again for next week. I'd love to have a snack for the class for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - if you can provide a snack please email me what day works best for you.


  • READING: Students need to focus on writing the answers to the questions for their biography reports and creating the cover. DUE FRIDAY MAY 8
  • They also need to work on memorizing their responses to the questions. They need to act as if they are the person they've chose to study.

Upcoming Dates

  • M-Step testing continues on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • May 8 - Building Bluebird houses in the afternoon - 11:45am start
  • May 14 - Night at the Museum - 6:30-7:15pm
  • May 22 - Historical Michilimackinac tour and Jack Pine Lumberjack Show
  • June 4 - Field Trip to U.P. - Returning at 6:30ish